3Point Foundation



Our program serves the students at schools located in the Roxbury, Dorchester and Hyde Park neighborhoods of Boston.

"3Point has made a huge difference in the lives of our students”

Patrick Cleary
Principal of TechBoston Academy


450 students learn and participate in other activities 3-5 days weekly


Here is a look at our Instagram Feed where we display all of our great images. 


3Point Quote and Value of the week! This week is about teaching our students to embrace change and inspiring them to make change.

Coach Quest running layup and tap drills with the Greenwood students!

Hello all supporters, 3Point will have a team running in the 128th Boston Marathon presented by Bank of America.

3Point Quote/Value of the Week! This week we are encouraging our students to find their purpose!

The 3Point Foundation is proud to celebrate and honor Black History Month. #blackhistorymonth

The start of a new semester means new 3Point students!!! Here are our New Mission 3Point students participating in the highest tower challenge.

3Point Quote and Value of the week! This week is about learning respect and how to respect your self.

Here are some highlights of some of the girls of BCLA and Dever! Shoutout to all the girls of 3Point! We are actively recruiting middle school females to join our team! #celebratingwomen #womenempowerment #girlpower

🚨ATTENTION🚨 New Mission, Sarah Greenwood, Dever, McCormack, and Mildred Avenue School students and parents, 3Point after school programs are restarting next week on Jan. 29th until May 9th! If you wish to sign up click the link in our bio or scan the QR code by screenshotting this post.

3Point Quote and Value of the Week! This week our value is about helping our students focus on what they need to do, work on self discipline and learn from their mistakes with a growth mindset.

Here are some highlights from our after school sessions at the Mildred Avenue School.

Shoutout to our D block class at New Mission!! Thank you to all of our students for all the hard work they have done this semester and all the hard work they will continue to do.

Opportunity Index

We know that students come to school with differing experiences and opportunities, The Boston Public Schools (BPS) Opportunity Index is a composite index that incorporates a range of data representing factors that are outside of the schools’ control, yet are predictive of students’ academic outcomes Five of the six schools we serve are considered high need schools that score in the top third of the Opportunity Index. A higher score on the opportunity index indicates a higher level of need.

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