3Point Foundation

Theory of change

The Opportunity and Achievement Gap

Our vision is that every child in Boston will have an equal opportunity to achieve. However, unfortunately, today the opportunity to achieve in school is far from equal.

The opportunity gap refers to the ways in which race, ethnicity, economic status, and other social inequities result in the unequal distribution of resources. This unequal distribution  generally  perpetuates and contributes to lower educational aspirations and achievement for the youth in the demographic  we serve. As you would expect, fewer resources and opportunities to learn results  in an achievement disparity in educational outcomes for youth with fewer resources. 3Point seeks to close this opportunity and achievement gap for under-served youth  through the variety of free programming we offered in various settings year -round.

We believe the trajectory of youth can be positively changed by applying the following principles of program design:

  • We treat all our youth as being worthwhile with ideas and opinions worth listening to. We have respect and genuine concern for the youth we teach.
  • We have consistently high expectations and emphasize the connection between hard work, effort and achievement. 
  • We include social emotional learning in all aspects of the program to encourage self-management and disciplined decision making. 
  • We teach to our students strengths and not to their deficits. 
  • We employ learning materials that our students find relevant AND  worth their investment of time.
  • We establish meaningful partnerships with our schools. We are flexible in addressing our school partner needs.