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What our students say

Listen to what our students and alumni have to say about their experiences with 3Point. 

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Achieved meaningful relationships with adults

They don’t treat the kids like kids, they treat the kids like people that are worthwhile and worth their time.

Principal  Patricia Lampon
Henderson Inclusion School

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Improved relationships with other students
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Made better choices
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Boosted Critical Thinking Skills

Just keep on improving and if I make a mistake while doing it I will learn from my mistakes  

– Student Interview from Independent Report

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Became More Resilient and Demonstrated Perseverance

It’s not just a program.
It’s a tribe. 

– Wesley S.

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Bettered Their Self-Management Skills

3Point’s design creates an unusual and transformative environment

– Independent Report

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Strengthened Communication Skills

The opportunity to be in a program where people love you and see your potential is pivotal

– Stephanie P.

What our School Partners Say

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